Clinic Policies

Clinic Policies

  1. Missed Appointments. If you miss your very first appointment without calling, you will not be accepted as a patient. If you miss two appointments without calling, the entire family will be dismissed from the practice. If we refer you to a specialist and you miss the appointment without calling the specialist, this counts as a missed appointment with us, too.

  2. Late for Appointments. If you are late by 15 minutes or more for an appointment, you will be rescheduled. If lateness is a persistent problem, the entire family will be dismissed from the practice.

  3. Safety. This is a small practice with limited staff. If you feel that you are unable to control your child during immunizations and other minor procedures, please choose a large practice or facility with multiple employees to safely restrain your child.

  4. Paperwork and Medical Records Requests.

    A. Most forms will require an appointment with Dr. Green to complete (e.g., FMLA paperwork). Please fill out all of the information you can before presenting the form to the physician.

    B. For forms that do not require an appointment (e.g., replacement of a lost sports’ physical), a 72-business-hour turnaround time is required. Dr. Green completes this type of paperwork in the evenings in the order it was received.

    C. Requests for medical records will require 30 days to complete.

  5. Use of the After-Hours Phone Service. Do not hesitate to call Dr. Green on the after-hours phone line for urgent matters. Please do not text or send pictures/videos unless instructed to do so. Urgent matters after business hours include such things as:

    A. You need help deciding whether or not to proceed to the emergency room with an ill child

    B. A problem at the pharmacy with a prescription that the physician wants your child to start immediately. (This does not include routine refills that you forgot to request during business hours.)

    C. Your child is ill on a weekend or holiday and you need to know if Dr. Green is available to see him/her

    Inappropriate use of the after-hours phone line will result in dismissal from the practice.